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Burger Punt

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About Burger Punt

Rebel Jam 2019 at 3D-Empire
Theme: Deadly Sin

The idea behind Burger Punt is that you're trying to avoid going to heaven, by being a gluttonous pig and not deserving final salvation. Keep people away from your food, and from steal others if you have to. The game is made using Unreal Engine 4 and lets up to 5 players compete on a LAN network.

WASD: Movement
Left Mouse: Melee
Right Mouse: Steal / Deliver

Casper Thomsen (Scripting)
Sebastian Appel (Animated 3D + Setup)
Thor Brigsted (Static 3D)
Jakob Sparre (3D)
Søren Mærkedahl (Brainstorming)

My contributions

  • Most of environment modelling
  • Sounds